Welcome!  I’m Pete Jenkins.

This blog is for all my articles that aren’t directly relevant to my company blog. So, this will generally be the place to find interesting and quirky information about Gamification.

What do I do?

I run e-Advantage Solutions Ltd and I am Entrepreneur in Residence at Brighton Business School, University of Brighton.  I’m also a Gamification Consultant and I’m proud to say I’m one of the first and highest scoring pass Certified people in the UK so why not ask me how gamification can help your business?

I use the techniques of Gamification to make motivating and engaging your staff and customers more fun and more successful. I want to speak to you to find out how we could use Gamification in your industry or for your cause. Call me on +44 (0)1273 358000 or email me at pete@e-advantagesolutions.co.uk.

e-Advantage Solutions

e-Advantage Solutions are specialists in the provision and selection of customer databases (CRMs) and their related services.

Do you find that no-ones uses your CRM system to its full potential? CRM is not meant to sit on a shelf. It should be put to work on helping you drive revenue and keeping your customers happy. It should help communication both internally and externally. It should be adapted to how your organisation does business.

We can help you adapt your CRM to your business, including using techniques from Gamification to make the system easy for staff to adopt and learn. This means greater usage of the CRM and therefore more of the benefits you should be receiving from a CRM: more leads; more sales; more accurate data; better targeting and planning; leading to more success for your business.

We are the first UK Partner for Zurmo CRM, which is a CRM built from the ground up to take advantage of Gamification techniques.

We want to talk to anyone who has staff that resist using any new software systems. We’d love to help you.

Entrepreneur In Residence

I am Entrepreneur in Residence at Brighton Business School (www.bton.ac.uk/bbs/) where I help run workshops for masters & final year business, law, marketing, design and computing students. I’m adding some up-to-date facts, tips and examples from my experience of running businesses to the academic mix.

Chair of GamFed

I was elected to the Steering Committee in October 2013 and after a year in the role of Treasurer, accepted the role of Chair of the International Gamification Confederation (GamFed) in October 2014.

The International Gamification Confederation (GamFed) leads, unites and fosters the interests of industry practitioners, vendors, consultants and educators worldwide for the benefit of the Gamification market.

The International Gamification Confederation (GamFed) is aimed at:
– Promoting the gamification market
– Helping networking
– Ensuring consistency in business practices
– Lobbying at an international level for legal issues
– Helping with market vision and market data
– Ensuring consistency in training and standard level.