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Getting the High Score in HR Through Gamification

I gave a presentation to the HR360 conference in Cyprus on 25th June 2020. This session was to explain how to use the psychology behind games to help us motivate people. As well as an explainer into the science of gamification I looked at a few HR examples through the lens of the player journey. Listeners learned what is gamification, experienced how it works and why it is proving so transformational to businesses around the world.

I’ve uploaded and embedded the slides below:

Event Gamification Pete Jenkins Webinar

Quick-start Gamification for Marketers Webinar

Discover how to get value from gamification quickly and effectively with this webinar from 3radical on 28th May at 10am BST / 5PM SGT

Gamification works today, as audiences are increasingly fatigued by traditional approaches to engagement and are looking for a more rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Gamification uses techniques and strategies from game design to prompt and drive specific consumer behaviour. Today’s consumers are hungry for status, competition, reward and self-expression, and the brands that implement gamified marketing experience an increase in data acquisition, loyalty, customer retention and engagement.

Join Pete Jenkins, an international authority on gamification, a lifelong gamer, successful entrepreneur and lecturer, and Rachel Swann, Commercial Director at 3radical, as we deep dive into QuickStart Gamification for Marketers; the 6Cs of gamification for modern marketing and learn:

What gamification is
What the benefits of gamification are
Why you can (and should) use it in a corporate environment
Tips and tricks to implementing gamification
Gamification use cases

Register for webinar by clicking this link.

Event Gamification Pete Jenkins Video

Leading a gameful work from home culture

My talk from Silicon Brighton Online is now available to watch on YouTube. Let me know what you think and if you’d like to chat about anything I cover.

Also, the fundraiser is not over you can still donate to support NHS and other local charities here:

Gamification Interview Pete Jenkins

Pete interviewed in May Edition of Kiwings Times Magazine

Pete was interviewed for the 1st May 2020 edition of Kiwings Times (based in Bengaluru, India). This was an edition themed around Gamification and learning. As well as my interview, it sets the scene for gamification and learning nicely, with examples, book reviews and more. You can download and read a copy by clicking on the picture here:

Download and read.

Gamification Pete Jenkins Webinar

Free webinar on gamification for improving customer experiences

Following the success of last week’s webinar to alumni of Leeds Business School I am making a version of that available direct to everyone for FREE. Join me on Friday 3rd April 2020 at 1pm UK time for:

Gamification for Designing Customer Experiences

An hour long webinar on how to boost customer loyalty and long term profits. Book your free ticket using the link below: