What does the future hold for Gamification with Pete Jenkins and Krishna Chaitanya

Interviewed in January 2022

A really interesting conversation about gamification. We kicked off our conversation with definitions so that we’re all on the same page. Then we described gamification and contrasted it with games. We also discussed:

  • What are people’s first response to gamification, especially if they are decision makers like executives or senior managers: positive, negative or neutral
  • How does a product or marketing professional know whether gamification is for them or not?
  • Does every single industry vertical have at least one successful example of gamification by now?
  • Are there certain industries or use cases that seem a better fit for gamification?
  • Can gamification be applied to improve Click Through Rates (CTR) while also making end users love the experience?
  • What should be the preferred approach to implementing a gamification project: BUILD in house or with a contractor, or else BUY off-the-shelf gamification tech platforms?
  • And much more…

Let me know what you think? Any questions you’d still like answered?

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